Our Story

In 2004…

XSUNT’s founders realized that there was a way to tackle one of the biggest problems in healthcare: siloed data that was hard to reach and harder to interpret. In close collaboration with our first client, we created the XSUNT XPERT® platform to combine data from every client source into one company-accessible dashboard powered by a visual analytics engine.


Since then…

We have been helping healthcare organizations turn noise into information by introducing enterprise-level data integration, visual analytics, and custom presentation tools. We focus on helping clients make smarter, faster decisions based on clear, actionable data… and on providing exceptional support in building, customizing, and integrating technology to fit your needs.

Leo Sun,

Larisa Labas,
Vice President of Global Operations

We’re a hybrid
software + services company.


We build products that help large companies tackle some of the most difficult operational, sales, and IT problems: integrating data and making it useful to an organization.


We provide a team of experts to help implement and manage our solutions, and provide consultative services to help you structure and address new challenges as they arise.


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