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Data warehousing. Custom APIs. Vendor integration.
Custom-built applications.

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Since XSUNT’s founding in 2004, we’ve provided custom development, technical support, and data infrastructure for a variety of healthcare projects, including pharma sales support, patient support programs, and copay-related services.

As of 2017, we’ve worked with top pharmaceutical companies and copay vendors in more than 500 different programs, including doing HIPAA-compliant system development, CRM tool integration, call center tracking system management, PSP data integration and hosting, reporting, and ROI analysis.

Customer-Focused Solutions

Custom Reporting and Visual Analytics
Recognizing that data is one of the most significant drivers of today’s business decisions, our platform would offer custom reporting, analytics and visualizations – so that you can act on clear, insightful data.

A Customizable, Flexible Application Layer
We understand that needs and requirements change. That’s why we offer the ability to add/remove features and quickly create new applications using the same data streams.

Dedicated Support Team
We offer an entire dedicated support team – project lead, QA, and developers – meaning that our solutions won’t have to compete with other internal projects for your IT team’s attention and resources, making everyone’s work smoother and faster.

Agile, On-Schedule Development and Implementation
Our timelines ensure that you get what you need, when you need it, without unexpected cost-overruns or delays.

Interoperability with Existing Systems
Our platform is data agnostic, meaning it would retain the ability to talk and exchange data with your existing systems if you want to integrate them in the future.

Data Expertise

XSUNT transforms data streams from different vendors and applications into a structured data hub that can power new services and programs. Our services represent a complete end-to-end approach comprising of:

  • Data integration and warehousing services
  • Data analytics, including predictive analytics
  • Data visualization and drilldowns
  • Interface for data query and extraction
  • Data automation services
  • Cloud hosting and support

We Support All Data Types:

  • Structured and Unstructured
  • SQL and MySQL exports
  • SalesForce and Veeva exports
  • Reports from IMS, Source, Symphony, and others
  • NRx/TRx data
  • Patient assistance programs
  • Call center logs
  • Promotional data
  • 867 data
  • Excel, PDF, and Word reports
  • … and any other types of data

Service Expertise

We excel at turning unique business needs and requirements into useful applications and services. This includes:

  • 24-hour development and project management cycle to keep projects moving quickly and on-schedule
  • Full-stack software development, including:
    • Front-end development
    • Back-end development
    • Database development
    • Web development
    • iOS, Windows, and Android development
  • Interoperability with multiple environments, including:
    • XSUNT-hosted WAMP stack and servers
    • Providing support, integration, and services for AWS and Azure environments
    • Integrating with pre-existing software and services, including (but not limited to) Veeva, Salesforce, TeraData, and others

Case Study:
HIPAA compliance and data integration are not words that you often see together. Discover how we overcame security and administrative concerns to build a HIPAA-compliant patient support portal.

Case Study:
If knowledge is power, then capturing data and making it easily readable is first step for any businesses looking to corner a market. Learn how we worked with a large pharma client to optimize their sales and marketing operations by turning  data into dashboards.

Case Study:
Lean development principles are a great way to address problems of allocation, distribution, and big-data. That’s why we focused on iterative deployment to build an internal co-pay card portal that has since shipped over 160,000 sample kits to sales reps.

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