Our story and how we leverage enterprise-scale technology to bring you benefits.

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What Makes XSUNT Different

How we combine product and service to deliver unprecedented business benefits.

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Our Products

XPERT for Pharma (Product Sheet)

Discover how the XPERT platform combines product and service to deliver unprecedented business benefits.

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XPERT versus Tableau

What makes us different from other data visualization tools? We focus on supporting you with enterprise-level integration and visualization services, saving you time and money in the long run.

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XECUTIVE for Hospitals (Product Sheet)

Discover how we benefit every stakeholder in the hospital system by turning billing data and compensation plans into easy-to-understand online dashboards.

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Case Studies

HIPAA-Compliant Data Integration

HIPAA compliance and data integration are not words that you often see together. Discover how we overcame security and administrative concerns to build a HIPAA-compliant patient support portal.

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Turning Data Into Dashboards

If knowledge is power, then capturing data and making it easily readable is first step for any businesses looking to corner a market. Learn how we worked with a large pharma client to optimize their sales and marketing operations by turning  data into dashboards.

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Big Data for Internal Services

Lean development principles are a great way to address problems of allocation, distribution, and big-data. That’s why we focused on iterative deployment to build an internal co-pay card portal that has since shipped over 160,000 sample kits to sales reps.

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