Physician incentive and compensation dashboards
that help you manage and communicate comp plans.

XECUTIVE is a better way for
hospitals to manage and distribute
physician incentive/compensation plans.

An individual physician dashboard with a monthly compensation report.

For Physicians…

Introduce Clarity into your Incentive/Comp Plans

Learn how your activities are valued by your current compensation plan and use current performance to forecast future changes. Our visual reports make it easy to access and understand where the numbers come from, and how they add up.

Get Comparative Metrics Across Groups, Service Lines

Drill down into individual, group, and service line performance to discover where funding and compensation comes from.

A hospital-level view of key performance indicators.

For Administration…

Custom Reporting and Visual Analytics

Data is one of the most significant drivers of today’s business decisions. That’s why we help you turn your KPIs into clear and visual reports. Drill down into hospital-level, service-line, group, and individual physician performance. 

White-label Flexibility

Use your own logos and colors to maintain brand consistency for your team.

Reduce Costs and Maintenance

Reduce the amount of time spent wrangling data with automated transfers, calculation, and analytics.

Additional Features and Benefits

No User Limits

Add an unlimited number of groups and physicians to each service line, at no extra cost.

Cross-Device Access

Get clear dashboards with visual analytics on any device.

Integrate with Existing Systems

Connect with your billing, EMR, and other support systems. One integrated data stream creates unlimited possibilities.

Easy Exports

Easily export reports and data to PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, PNG, and any other file format.

A Customizable, Flexible Application Layer

Needs and requirements change. We offer the ability to add/remove features and quickly create new applications using the same data streams. iOS, Android, Windows, and Web App support are also available.

Dedicated Support Team

A project lead, QA, and developers are your standard support team – meaning that Xecutive won’t have to compete with other internal projects for your IT team’s attention and resources.

Best Practice Security

We implement the most up-to-date security practices, including HIPAA compliance, two-factor authentication, SSL, and database encryption.

Enterprise User Management

Have complete control over custom permissions, user access, and user management.

How It Works

We make it easy to set up and integrate the XECUTIVE platform with the rest of your infrastructure. Here’s how:

1. Data Integration

We parse and use your monthly billing data to automatically generate visual reports and analytics.

2. Application Layer

Fed into the XECUTIVE platform, the data is used to support additional features and requirements.

3. Automate Retrieval and Distribution

Having established business rules, we automate the process of retrieving data, doing calculations, and distributing reports.

4. Add Modeling and Calculations

We help you avoid surprises by combining your data with powerful Bayesian statistics to create clear, predictive models.

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