A 360° view of sales and marketing,
powered by more than 100 different data sources.

Cloud-based XPERT® is a smarter way for
pharma companies to use their data.

XPERT is available as a cloud-based web app and as iOS,  Android applications.

The cloud-based XPERT platform is a smarter way to turn petabytes of operational data into actionable insights.

It’s estimated that 50-80% of an analyst’s time is spent wrangling enterprise-size data into something they can work with. The XPERT platform is designed to do that work for you: cleaning and integrating your data into one platform, then running advanced calculations and visualizations to create action-oriented dashboards for brand managers and sales teams.

With all of your data organized in one secure, centralized dashboard, you can reach quicker decisions, scale and distribute critical information, and save your team up to 32 hours a week of data-wrangling work. Sales people get precise and up-to-date targeting information, analysts get clean and granular data to work with, brand managers get pre-defined performance reports, and executives get better predictive tools for making decisions.

How It Works

We make it easy to set up and integrate the cloud-based XPERT platform with the rest of your infrastructure. Here’s how:

1. Data Integration

We use the data you and your apps already collecting to automatically generate visual reports and analytics.

2. Application Layer

Fed into the XPERT platform, the data is used to support additional features and requirements.

3. Data Query and Extractions

Having established business rules, we automate the process of retrieving data, doing calculations, and distributing reports.

4. Add Modeling and Calculations

We help you avoid surprises by combining your data with powerful Bayesian statistics to create clear, predictive models.

Get all of your key metrics on one dashboard.

Integrate More Than 100 Data Sets into One Dashboard

Any Data Types

•  SalesForce and Veeva data
•  Reports from IMS, Source, Symphony, and others
•  NRx/TRx data
•  Patient assistance programs
•  Call center logs
•  Promotional data
•  867 data
•  Excel, PDF, and Word reports

Drill Down into Comparative Metrics 

•  Discover your most successful geographies and channels
•  Visualize data as heat maps, graphs, and charts
•  Customize dashboards to highlight key performance metrics

Easy Exports

•  Download raw and flat data files in bulk or ad-hoc
•  Export reports and visualizations as easily-sharable PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF files
•  Query select data and toggle views


Every day, you face new challenges. That’s why we make data versatility a priority:
•  Filter, sort, and search through all of your data, cross-company
•  Get immediate ad-hoc and pre-determined reports
•  Download reports and data as Excel and PowerPoint for easy sharing

•  Query your data for specific outliers or trends

Benefits at Every Level

Brand Managers

•  Get integrated brand performance by geography, channel, and sales district.
•  Track marketing through key influencers, speakers, and thought leaders
•  Unify unbranded, branded, and consumer metrics
•  Get a 360-degree view of all of your key metrics

District Managers

•  Combine SalesForce data with other key reports to really see how your district is performing
•  Use drilldowns to pinpoint key sales reps and physician groups
•  Compare your performance to anonymized national company data
•  Get assistance from predictive modeling and targeting capabilities

Sales Reps

•  See your own performance and compare it to peers across the nation
•  Follow prescribers and districts to get push notifications
•  Get targeting help to identify top and under-performing prescribers, districts
•  Connect prescribers into custom groups and ACOs

Additional Features and Benefits

No User Limits

Add an unlimited number of sales reps and district managers to each brand, at no extra cost.

Cross-Device Access

Get clear dashboards with visual analytics on any device.

Integrate with Existing Systems

Connect your SalesForce or Veeva account, or any other sales and marketing application. One integrated data stream creates unlimited possibilities.

Easy Exports

Easily export reports and data to PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, PNG, and any other file format.

A Customizable, Flexible Application Layer

Needs and requirements change. We offer the ability to add/remove features and quickly create new applications using the same data streams. iOS, Android, Windows, and Web App support are also available.

Dedicated Support Team

A project lead, QA, and developers are your standard support team – meaning that Xecutive won’t have to compete with other internal projects for your IT team’s attention and resources.

Best Practice Security

We implement the most up-to-date security practices, including HIPAA compliance, two-factor authentication, SSL, and database encryption.

Enterprise User Management

Have complete control over custom permissions, user access, and user management.

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